Tikkun Global and Tikkun America

We are affiliated under Tikkun Global and Tikkun America for accountability.

Tikkun Global is headquartered in Jerusalem, led by Messianic Jewish leaders who have served faithfully in many nations.

Dan Juster, Asher Intrater, and Eitan Shishkoff have formed the core leadership of Tikkun Global for almost 40 years, and Paul Wilbur has recently joined the international board of directors. Their relationships began at Beth Messiah congregation in the Washington, DC area in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Other Messianic leaders who were part of Beth Messiah include Paul Wilbur, Dr. Michael Brown, Sid Roth, Marc Chopinsky, and David Rudolph.

Today, Tikkun Global includes 8 congregations in Israel and over 25 in North America.  A few of the ministries associated with Tikkun Global include Caleb Company, Gateways Beyond, IHOP-KC, Love of God Project, Messiah’s Mandate, Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, The King’s University, and Toward Jerusalem Council II.

Tikkun America simply refers to the network of North American congregations that are under Tikkun Global.