Deborah Smith

Deborah B. Smith is a prophetic song warrior, exuding the joy of the Lord as she ministers unto Him in worship.  After nurturing the gifts of singing and playing piano through the professional avenues of opera, symphony orchestra, and theater companies, the Lord called her to minister in music to the Body of Messiah through worship, concerts, writing songs, short musical plays, and teaching all ages to worship. 

The deepest cries of Deborah’s heart are to see tribes and nations to love and worship Yeshua in truth and holiness; to see our First Nations’ People (especially Deborah’s tribe of Cherokee Indians) restored to true covenant worship and gain revelation of our Jewish roots in Yeshua; to see the younger generations rise up in the fear of the Lord with kingdom vision, passion, and the fire of His holiness; to see nations align with Israel and the one new man revealed.