Intermarried Couples

Calling All Intermarried Couples…

We offer ministry to married couples where one spouse is Jewish and one spouse is Christian – sometimes called intermarried couples.  

The unique challenges of an intermarriage also bring about the beauty of a broader perspective. Both the Jewish and Christian traditions have a place, yet the common agreement for intermarried couples is found in the written Word.  

 Should the children be raised Jewish? Is Jesus the Messiah of Israel? Should the Christian spouse convert to Judaism?

These are legitimate questions.

We help couples study the Bible passages relevant to their situation. It may be a relief to discover that in the Bible, intermarriage is not banned but actually quite common.  This ministry is either private or in the context of a small group alongside other intermarried couples to create a communal aspect.


Jewish Ceremonies

Rabbi Mark Rantz leads a Tikkun congregation in Ocala, and is available to help with a Jewish wedding, funeral, or bar mitzvah.

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