Elim Messianic Institute

Welcome to the most unique learning experience in Northeast Florida!

The Elim Messianic Institute (EMI) is committed to helping our city learn about Israel, Messianic Judaism, and the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith.  We feature guest speakers, seminars, book clubs, discussion-based learning, panel forums, debates, learning via questioning, and video classes from international experts in Jewish-Christian studies.

In partnership with three organizations – MJBI, IAMCS, and MLI – we offer an adult education environment for ages 16+ using a combination of video classes and facilitated discussion.

Teachers include Dan Juster, Michael Brown, David Rudolph, Walter Kaiser, Dan Gruber, Joel Willits, Darrell Bock, Craig Keener, Jeffrey Seif, Ray Gannon, and more.

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If you would like to know more about Messianic Judaism in general, check out this great resource crafted by Dr. David Rudolph.

Classes we have going on right now

We are not currently offering any classes, but we’ll keep you updated when something changes!