Bible / Torah Study

– ONLINE Bible Study – Joshua – 

Shabbat on Apr 25th we will cover Joshua 20-24 from 3:30-4:30pm via Zoom.  Simply read the chapters and join the online discussion!  This is a unique opportunity to be connected to the Messianic Movement regardless of your location.  Note: On May 2, we will resume with the regular Torah reading portion of Acharei Mot (Lev 16:1-20:27).

Every Saturday, from 3:30 – 4:30 PM before our Service, we study the Torah Portions from the past week.

Jewish tradition is to read through the entire Torah (or the first five books of the Bible) once a year, with scheduled readings or portions every week. These readings also include significant prophetic passages from the Prophets. As followers of Yeshua, we also add passages from the New Testament to these weekly readings! 

We join in with this tradition of reading and study to enhance our devotional life with the Lord and to come alongside our Jewish brothers and sisters. 

Current Reading Schedule

^ There is a link for the current reading schedule for the Hebrew Calendar year of 5780, which carries from the Fall of 2019 to the Fall of 2020. 

Read with us!